Walking Your Talk

by Susan Muck

Influencing and attending to the quality of organizational culture is a balance of clearly defined and stated vision and the commitment to live up to that vision in attitude and actions everyday.  This is a huge undertaking. 

Culture happens no matter what. It’s the collective impact of every employee and the ways things are done. While many organizations have a stated vision for their culture with defined values, at the same time they have an unstated norm of “how it really is around here.” And often these two things don’t align with (or maybe even resemble) each other.

So, how do you create the culture you want in your organization? The answer is simple: Start with yourself. When we find it difficult to create the change we want in our organizations, it’s easy to target others and stop there. We point our fingers at those who are disengaged or visibly opposed to what we are trying to create. But the real change comes when you turn back to yourself and identify ways in which you’ve stepped away from “walking your talk.” Ask yourself:

Are you, as a leader, willing to make the shifts you need to make personally in order to affect the collective change you want in your team and organization?

If you sincerely and openly inquire, perhaps you’ll find an opportunity or two to address. And in the process you’ll become part of the change you seek and have a powerful and positive influence on others in the process.


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